Monday, 23 July 2012

Guild Album Available now

Guild is the bass guitar drone /experimental project of Mark Midgley (The Black Lanterns/ Falconetti) 
  Requiem is the first full length album,a compilation of Remastered EPs 2009-2012 .Tracks include Requiem,Magnetic Horizontal Intensity,Low Mass,Ascension and Atonement. Available now for only £3.50 from Bandcamp 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Calrec Audio unveil Artemis light

Calrec Audio unveiled Artemis Light at IBC 2011, the newest member of its Artemis family of Bluefin2/Hydra2 audio consoles. Artemis Light introduces a new compact processing rack dedicated to delivering DSP and routing capabilities in a 4U enclosure.

Like all Artemis consoles, Artemis Light incorporates Bluefin2 High Density Signal Processing and Hydra2 networking technologies in the same compact yet extremely powerful and scalable control surface used by Artemis Shine and Beam. Employing the same hardware and software architecture, the Artemis Light can be fully integrated with any existing Hydra2 network.

“No sacrifice has been made to quality, reliability or specification. This is a powerful, full-featured broadcast-production audio console with full redundancy, designed to be an integral part of the Bluefin2/Hydra2 family,” said Henry Goodman, Head of Sales and Marketing at Calrec. “Full compatibility with other Hydra2 networks means the Artemis Light is scalable beyond its stand-alone capabilities, providing a cost-effective platform that can be easily expanded if production environments become more demanding of resources."

The Artemis Light router has 8 x Hydra2 ports for interfacing with the extensive Hydra2 I/O range, as well as other Hydra2 routers and their I/O. The flexibility of the Hydra2 I/O range means a large amount of I/O can be connected in various formats, tailored to the specific needs of each environment.

Like the rest of the product range, Artemis light also supports point to multipoint routing, the Calrec H2O router control GUI, and third-party remote control protocols SW-P-08 and EMBER, allowing remote control of router and console functions.

The Artemis Light DSP card uses the powerful Bluefin2 architecture to provide 240 input channels that can be assigned as mono, stereo or surround paths. Up to 16 main outputs and 48 audio groups can be assigned as mono, stereo or surround from a pool of 72 busses, as well as 48 track and 24 auxiliary output busses. Combined with a comprehensive multiple-operator monitoring system, these options make it ideal for complex and demanding production environments.

As with its larger siblings, Artemis Light provides comprehensive EQ and dynamics on all paths, as well as large resources of audio delay, direct and mix-minus outputs, inserts, and more, all in a compact card size dedicated to the Artemis light DSP package.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Guild Atonement featured on Shining Crimson Horror Audiobook

Guilds 'Atonement' and The Black Lanterns 'Red Carpet' have both been featured on Robert S. Wilsons Shining Crimson horror audio book you can check it out on the link above

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

GUILD Ascension EP Disquiet review

GUILD: Ascension / Atonement ep

A new review from excellent online music site Disquiet of the latest Guild release, Ascension, on Resting Bell.


It isn't a drone. The drone is there, sure, a background thing, like the surface noise of an old jazz record, or the dust in an underutilized chapel. But it's just part, maybe parcel, but certainly not the whole thing. There seems to be a voice buried in the drone: a melody, snail slow and no less determined, plugs along, plowing through the thick haze. Shoegazer drone rock. Snailgazer. It's a choral music where the score is a map of the torque of some massive structure in free space, shifting at a pace determined by a processing system overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the effort. Sparks fly, circuits short out. The sound is massive and unholy, gothic in its impact but downright rarefied in its implementation. This is "Atonement" by Guild. It's one of two tracks onAscension, the other of which takes its name from the album's title, or vice-versa.

According to the brief liner notes, both tracks are the result of a bass guitar put through its paces: "drones effected, looped and processed." Guild is a name adopted by Mark Midgley, who on his markmidgleyofficial.blogspot.comnotes the association between his slomo death pop and the work of My Bloody Valentine and, more recently, Jesu. Midgley is a member of various bands, including Falconetti, Alt, and the Black Lanterns. Album released by the netlabel

Monday, 28 March 2011

GUILD Ascension EP Available now for free Download

Guild's Ascension EP is now available for free download through Berlin based net label
The follow up EP to Requiem features 2 tracks: Ascension / Atonement

Thanks for your support

Monday, 7 February 2011

New GUILD EP Ascension to be released on Resting Bell netlabel March

Solo Instrumental bass project,Guild is to release the brand new 2 track ep Ascension,on the Berlin netlabel,Resting Bell.
The release will be available as high quality MP3 download,at the end of March 2011 exclusively through Resting Bell.
The EP features 2 tracks:-

Ascension: the heavier of the 2 tracks referencing My Bloody Valentine or Jesu.
Atonement: comprising sequences of subtle vast drones.

As a netlabel, Resting Bell releases music in MP3 format under the creative commons license for free and has previously released music from Ian Hawgood, Jeremy Bible and Ryonkt

Thanks to Christian Roth for the release.

Monday, 13 September 2010

GUILD Requiem on WAS IST DAS Podcast 6

Experimental/Krautrock home page WAS IST DAS release Podcast No.6 featuring
GUILD Requiem

Available for download or stream from PODOMATIC (includes subscription options)

stream from MIXCLOUD

GUILD - "REQUIEM" from the Requiem EP (Rural Colours)
MICE PARADE - "INBETWEEN TIMES" from the album What It Means To Be Left-Handed (Fat Cat)
DAMO SUZUKI with C.I.A. - untitled live improvisation from Hebden Bridge Trades Club, July 31st 2010

top 5 from Weirdo Records
844 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139

1.Various artists - Chinese Rocks (Outhouse)
2.International Hello - S/T (
Holy Mountain)
3.Les Rallizes Denudes - Heavier Than A Death In The Family (Phoenix)
4.Various Artists - Let's A Go Go (Silver Tortoise)
White Boy & The Average Rat Band - S/T

DEAD SEA APES - "SOY DIOS" - free download from here
TWINSISTERMOON - "DESERT PROHECY" from the album "And Then Fell The Ashes..." (
Blackest Rainbow)
CLUTTER - "YELLOW LIGHT DISCARDED" from the EP Yellow Light Discarded (Clutter Music)
BIG BLOCK 454 - "BLIND JACK OF KNARESBOROUGH" from their next album, currently a work in progress
MININOKOTO - "THAT SPIRAL ORBIT" from the album Chofu Ekoda Koenji (Plunk's Plan)