Monday, 30 August 2010

GUILD on AREW Recordings Compilation: Melodious Miscellany

AREW Records release Melodious Miscellany, an experimental Compilation album for free Download.
The 16 track album features an exclusive Guild track, Magnetic Horizontal Intensity as well as

Melodious Miscellany (various artists)
format: mp3 (free download): 320kbps
Zip File Size:152 MB

Track Listing:

GUILD - Magnetic Horizontal Intensity (4:06)
CINIK - when our internal organs reach harmonic freedom they will emerge from their fleshy prison (5:44)
Radio Salva - The Grand Believe (8:25)
- Soaracido (2:01)
Lounge Gizzard - Arcane Virtue (7:19)
Der Domestizierte Mensch - Es ist nicht so wie Du denkst (6:34)
Joris. J - A Fine Dying Day (3:21)
God Pussy - Mudanças Climáticas (4:39)
Richard Wilmer - RW0808101131 (2:43)
To-Bo - Defekte Umwelt (3:04)
Lienullnoyz - Being Followed (2:11)
cloud61 - safe (lnn remix) (2:32)
Trans Atlantic Rage - Exploring the depths of my mind for opportunities (4:58)
O.O.O. - Still Light (1.55)
o best beloved - stems in the water (RW Remix) (3:55)
Inconnu Ictu - Commemoration (7:34)

Run Time: 69 minutes approx

Monday, 2 August 2010

GUILD Requiem review on Was Ist Das

Guild 3'' cdr , Requiem has been reviewed on the excellent experimental site Was ist Das
" 2 Tracks of extended mysterious its hard not to be spellbound....
if you can find wonder in the rain or in the fog or in the bleakness of the moors should be able to relate to this their sonic equivalent.

Fluid Radio also have Requiem on their site where you can download the tracks for free

Read the full review here

Fluid Radio also have Requiem available on their site where you can download the ep for free here